Hooking Go from Rust - Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Go-laxy

How did we hook Go functions from Rust to work with mirrord? A quick dive into the Go Runtime and switching from the Go stack to the system stack.

Posted August 17, 2022 by Aviram Hassan and Mehul Arora ‐ 11 min read

Starting a Backend Developers Community

Launching a new Discord community for backend developers to hang, discuss and learn from.

Posted August 2, 2022 by Aviram Hassan ‐ 1 min read

Getting Started With Ephemeral Containers

Getting started with Ephemeral Containers, and a short case study on how we used them with mirrord

Posted July 21, 2022 by Mehul Arora ‐ 9 min read

mirrord internals - hooking libc functions in Rust and fixing bugs

mirrord internals - hooking libc functions and fixing bugs

Posted July 4, 2022 by Mehul Arora ‐ 14 min read

Carcinisation of mirrord (or: why we use Rust)

Why we chose to use Rust at MetalBear

Posted June 14, 2022 by Aviram Hassan ‐ 6 min read

(Re)Introducing mirrord

The War on the Long Dev Loop

Posted May 30, 2022 by Eyal Bukchin ‐ 3 min read



Posted May 12, 2022 by Aviram Hassan and Eyal Bukchin ‐ 3 min read