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A huge omnivore that also conducts electricity. In the present context, though, a new startup that’s working on developing a new toolset for backend engineers.

Why ⏪

Like many devtools startups, MetalBear was born out of frustration. We’ve both spent years building cloud services, splitting up monoliths, wrangling configurations, writing endless tests only to break production because of that one edge case.

We finally came to the realization that while tools tailored to devops engineers, frontend developers, QA engineers, and more, we, the backend developers, were being underserved. So much of our day to day work seemed needlessly slow or complicated, begging for automation or even fundamental disruption, and yet no company seemed willing to rise up to the challenge. So we decided to start MetalBear 🐻

What ⏺️

Much as we’d like to fundamentally change the entire state of backend development with one coordinated swoop, we have to start somewhere. The first area we decided to explore was the development and testing cycle.

Backend teams waste countless hours writing mocks, maintaining costly production-like environments, and waiting on long CI/CD cycles - and we think there’s a better way. That’s why we’re building mirrord.

mirrord will let developers work on existing cloud environments from the comfort and convenience of their local machine and IDE. Developers can use the same environment together, eliminating the need to maintain multiple deployments. By using mirrord, all local development can be done against a production-like environment, so developers can continuously test with higher fidelity without sacrificing convenience or spending time maintaining synthetic data.

How ▶️

By building an open-source, remote-first, globally distributed company whose main focus is improving the daily lives of backend engineers.

Open-source 📖

  • We believe in the power of open source communities to make good products excellent.
  • We think developers deserve to know what the tools they use in their every day work actually do under the hood.
  • Every organization is unique. Naturally, we strive to support as many use cases as possible in our products, but we want our users to be able to adapt our products to fit perfectly with their own specific needs.

Remote-first 🏠 🏡

  • Software development is difficult enough as it is, even without someone dictating where and when you have to do it. We trust our team members to work in the space and time that suit them best, in terms of both effectiveness and well-being.
  • Remote-first management and communication practices would let us involve outside contributors more easily and on a level playing field with members of the team.

Distributed 🌍🌎🌏

  • We believe in the value of diversity. By not limiting our team to one location, we get access to amazing talent, different perspectives and new ideas.
  • We’re available 24/6 without doing overtime 😉

When ⏹️

Really soon. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates, or just watch this space 🐻

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Aviram Hassan

CEO & Co-founder @ MetalBear.


Eyal Bukchin

CTO & Co-founder @ MetalBear.