Talk About mirrord

Are you interested in speaking about mirrord at conferences?

We’re inviting mirrord users to talk about their takes and experiences with mirrord at conferences worldwide. Have an idea for a mirrord-related conference talk or workshop? This is your chance to share your knowledge and help spread the word about mirrord.


Program details

  • We offer financial support to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, and registration fees.
  • We’re especially interested in supporting talks about mirrord, its use cases, or its functionalities.
  • We will provide personalized assistance to help you deliver a great presentation.

What are we looking for?

  • Subject matter experts: users and individuals with deep knowledge and experience with mirrord.
  • mirrord enthusiasts: people who are passionate about mirrord’s potential and are eager to share its benefits with the world.
  • Engaging speakers: speakers who can deliver captivating talks that inspire and educate technical audiences.
  • Individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields are encouraged to apply as long as your topic intersects with mirrord.

How To Apply


Pick your conferences: indicate the specific conferences you plan to attend and present at.


Tell us about your talk: briefly describe your proposed topic, the target audience, how it aligns with the themes of the conference, and demonstrates mirrord's capabilities and use cases.


Share your experience: describe your professional background, previous speaking experience, any relevant achievements, and knowledge of mirrord.


Submit budget: include an estimated budget for your trip, including travel, lodging, and registration fees.