MetalBear Writers Program

The MetalBear Writers program is focused on supporting developers in sharing knowledge with the community through educational, hands-on & opinionated content. We hope to provide a vast array of resources that empower developers everywhere to code, run, and test software applications smoothly.

We work with authors and developers to produce high-quality content on open source, cloud software development, DevOps, Developer Experience, Platform Engineering, backend engineering, and more. We'll pay you for any content that gets published, and all content is credited to the authors and promoted across our social media, community channels, and website.

Here’s how the
process works



Submit a brief application with a topic of interest and an outline, along with a writing sample that showcases your experience and writing skills.



Once accepted, you'll receive feedback from an editor who will guide you through the writing process. They will help you refine your chosen topic and outline and offer feedback throughout the writing stage.



Draft your article based on the agreed-upon outline and style guide. Submit your draft for review and feedback.



Get expert guidance to elevate your writing! Our editors will offer insightful feedback to help polish your article for publication.



Once reviews are completed, you will get paid, and we'll publish the article and promote it across all of our channels.


What topics should you write about?

  • Technical tutorials: using mirrord for different use cases and within different stacks.
  • Deep dives: in-depth articles on technical concepts and technologies.
  • Best practices: share tips and tricks for improving developer experience.
  • Personal experiences: share your own unique journey and lessons learned using mirrord in your software development cycle.
  • Something else! Feel free to suggest content not listed here if you think it might be appropriate and interesting to our target audience.

Who can write for us?

We welcome applications from everyone, regardless of experience or role. All we ask is that you be comfortable with receiving feedback on your writing.

  • We do not publish posts that have already been published somewhere else.

Why should you participate?

  • Get paid: you can earn $150-$300 for each article you write that gets published.
  • Help others: your writing will help educate and empower other developers.
  • Build your reputation: increase your visibility within global developer communities.
  • Boost your portfolio: showcase your writing skills and technical knowledge.